harry is princess and louis is daddy and that's all you need to know about me.


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the only domestic instinct my parents have managed to pass on to me is the tendency to hoard multiple plastic bags in another plastic bags despite the fact that I will probably never need this many plastic bags in my adult life

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"When Israel attacks Palestine, it is American missiles that smash through Palestinian homes."

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Accidentally in Love for colourexplosion 


Rating: Teen and Up

Wordcount: 4,272

Warnings: none applied

Summary: Louis wakes up with a killer hangover and a marriage certificate for a guy he’s never even met before.

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harry eyes alex pettyfer at a magic mike show

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Skip it to around 6.00
Here, I have for you the video of Harry saying he’s Louis’ boyfriend and management saying that it
had to come out

This is literally all the proof you could ever need, but there is more (the tattoos, the touches, the singing to each other, the way they look at each other…need I go on?) yet people are so narrow minded they still don’t believe they’re madly in love with each other.

It’s stupid, it really is. You’re missing out on something incredible and beautiful.

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Harry & Louis + April 2014

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